Thomas Rhett’s Mom and Her Family Inspired His Country Music Aspirations, Too

Thomas Rhett and his mom Paige (Photo credit:

Everybody knows Thomas Rhett’s dad, Rhett Akins, who had his own country music artist career in the 90s, was a huge influence on TR becoming a singer and a songwriter. However, Thomas says his mom and her side of the family were also influential on him becoming an artist. “My mom‘s dad was a very musical person. Led worship in church, taught me some things on the guitar. I still have a guitar today that he handed me down actually.”

Thomas does admit that while both his parents encouraged him to pursue his dreams, “My mom was a little bit more hesitant, just knowing how often my dad was gone on the road. Wasn’t sure if she wanted that lifestyle for me.”

Despite her reservations about Thomas becoming a musician like his dad, he says, “(She) was always so encouraging, and still to this day is my number one fan.”

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