Thomas Rhett takes Walker Hayes’ Advice About Bringing His Kids on the Road

Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins with their daughters
Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins with their daughters (Photo credit:

Thomas Rhett will kick off his “Bring the Bar to You Tour” this weekend, with two shows in Gilford, NH on Friday and Saturday night. Now that he has four daughters, he’s thought about bringing the whole family on tour, and even consulted Walker Hayes, who has six kids who all go on the road with him. Thomas says, “I actually talked to Walker about that the other day. I said, ‘How can I do this?’ He said, ‘You can’t.’”

Mostly, it has to do with the ages of their kids. Walker’s kids range in age from five to 15, whereas Thomas’ daughters are six, almost five (in August), two and seven months old, which makes a huge difference “Walker‘s kids are older,” says Thomas. “They can eat by themselves, they can use the bathroom by themselves, they can put themselves to bed. Mine, on the other hand, are kinda all over the place age-wise.”

So, while Thomas doesn’t plan to have all four girls on the road very often, he’s excited because he says, “I do think that Willa Gray and Ada James are old enough now to travel with me, and to actually let dad sleep until like nine. If the other two came out there we’d be up at five. And we’ve done it before, and my voice struggles so bad when we’ve gotta get up super early on the road. So, I do plan on bringing Willa Gray and AJ out there a few times.”

He’ll reserve having the whole family out for special occasions. For instance, “My whole family will come to like Red Rocks and do some really cool bucket list moment type shows,” says Thomas. “But for the most part, we’ll be out there writin’ songs, and when the kids do decide to come out we’ll take melatonin.”

Thomas will play 30 dates on the “Bring the Bar to You Tour” with Parker McCollum and Conner Smith as his openers, before the tour wraps on October 15th in Fairborn, OH.

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