Riley Green Jumped at the Chance to Record “Half Of Me” with Thomas Rhett

(L-R) Thomas Rhett and Riley Green on single cover for "Half Of Me"
(L-R) Thomas Rhett and Riley Green on single cover for “Half Of Me” (Photo courtesy of BMLG)

Riley Green is featured on Thomas Rhett‘s latest song, half of me. Not only are the two guys good friends, but they’ve been wanting to record a song together for a while. Riley explains what it was about half of me that made him want to jump on the song.

Riley shares, “Well honestly, where Thomas is in his career versus me, you jump at any opportunities. But at the same time, he played several songs for me and…”

Thomas Rhett injects, “It was the only one he liked.”

Riley continues, “…Well, there were some that I thought were okay. Nah, it was an awesome song. I mean, he obviously put a lot of thought into it, thinking it’d kind of fit me too, you know, and what I do. And me and Thomas, him growing up in Georgia and me from Alabama, we’re both kind of raised the same way. So, a lot of our music tastes are probably pretty similar. But it was definitely a song that fit both of us and I was really fortunate that he thought of me to do it.”

“Half Of Me” is approaching the top ten at #12 this week on the Billboard Country Airplay chart and #11 on the Mediabase/Country Aircheck singles chart.

By: Buck Stevens

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