Morgan Wallen Talks About Recording with His Musical Hero Eric Church

Morgan Wallen and Eric Church performing on stage
Morgan Wallen and Eric Church performing on stage (Photo credit: YouTube)

Morgan Wallen’s new album One Thing At A Time includes a track called “Man Made A Bar” featuring Eric Church.

Morgan shares a little about how the collaboration came about and what it was like recording with his musical hero.

“I just sent him a text and said hey I got this song. We had talked about it before, him being a part of my album. Said hey man I still, you know, want it to happen and I got a good song for it I think and I sent it to him. He said yep, when you want me there? So, he showed up in like three days … I think it was about to be the weekend, he was like I’ll be there Monday or Tuesday or whatever. I said I don’t really work before noon, he said yeah me neither. So, I think he got here at like two or three or somethin’ and knocked it out. We’ve always known we’re gonna do a song, probably more than just one together, but … He’s become such a good friend, but I still really appreciate him doin’ it.”

The album has already produced two #1 songs, “You Proof” and “Thought You Should Know.” The title track from the album is Morgan’s new single and is already top 25 on the Billboard Country Airplay singles chart.

What is your favorite song from Morgan Wallen’s new album One Thing At A Time?

By: Buck Stevens

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