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Investors didn’t sell in May. What now?

So much for selling in May and going away — assuming you could find a place to go to in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Stocks closed out the month with healthy gains. The Dow and S&P 500 both rose more than 4% while the Nasdaq was up nearly 7%. And that comes on…MORE

Vicarious racism: You don’t have to be the target to be harmed

Watching the unsettling video of George Floyd crying out for his mother while gasping for air made Gwen Carr, the mother of Eric Garner, “relive her son’s death.” Put in a choke hold by a New York City police officer in 2014, Garner’s cry of “I can’t breathe,” became a symbol of the Black Lives…MORE

What you need to know about coronavirus on Sunday, May 31

The coronavirus pandemic could have offered a moment of glory for populist leaders. This is a period of heightened fear and anxiety, emotions that typically allow populism to thrive. But as Angela Dewan writes, the virus is immune to their playbooks. The United States, Brazil and Russia have the world’s highest number of coronavirus cases…MORE

Evictions loom as state freezes on rent payments expire

As states reopen, tenants are facing the end of freezes on rent payments and evictions put in place at the start of the pandemic despite still-rising joblessness and a stalled economy. The freezes didn’t cancel monthly payments, which means that with June 1 looming, renters may suddenly owe three months’ rent to cover April and…MORE

Warren as Biden’s running mate makes no electoral sense

Poll of the week: A new national Ipsos/Reuters poll finds former Vice President Joe Biden with a 45% to 39% lead over President Donald Trump. That’s in line with other recent polls suggesting Biden has a lead of somewhere between 6 points and 8 points. What’s the point: Biden’s lead has stayed consistent, though the…MORE

The thousands of wishes the pandemic put on hold

Emberlyn Hemmer’s wish would have been granted just three weeks before her seventh major surgery. The 5-year-old planned to tour Disney World, SeaWorld and Universal Studios with her sisters in April wearing the matching princess outfits their grandma bought for them. But that trip, organized by the Make-A-Wish Foundation of America, is one of thousands…MORE

‘Not moving fast enough’: Millions of children still without food aid

Millions of low-income school children are still waiting receive federal help to buy food, even as the number of families having trouble affording groceries skyrockets. Eleven states, including Georgia, Mississippi and Utah, have yet to join the federal coronavirus relief program that gives families money in place of the meals their children would have received…MORE

Another night of chaos and fury as protesters come out despite curfews

Several cities across the US erupted in war zone-like scenes as crowds defied curfews nearly a week since the death of George Floyd, who spent his last moments pinned under an officer’s knee, begging for his life. Outraged, hurt and shouting through masks worn to protect themselves from coronavirus, thousands poured onto streets in demonstrations.…MORE

Trump, Putin and Bolsonaro find their populist playbooks are no match for coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic could have been a moment of glory for the world’s populist leaders. This is a period of heightened fear and anxiety — emotions that typically allow them to thrive. Instead, some populists are finding themselves powerless against the outbreaks ravaging their countries. The US, Brazil and Russia now have the highest number…MORE