Country Singer Hardy Cancels Tour Due to Serious Anxiety: “It Has Taken Over My Life”

(Photo courtesy of Big Loud Records)

Country singer-songwriter Hardy canceled two shows due to anxiety from his 2022 bus accident.

The “Wait In The Truck” singer revealed his hospital treatment for extreme anxiety in an October 3rd Instagram post.

I need to be honest with everyone for a second,” Hardy began his post. “I’ve been dealing with some serious anxiety since the bus accident last year, and over the last two weeks, it has taken control of my life. It’s caused me to suffer many panic attacks, which have landed me in the hospital.”

Hardy says he needs a “moment to focus on me and to make myself better for my wife, family, and you, the fans.” The singer says he plans to return to the stage “focused” on October 12th.

Luckily for us in central Illinois, that means his December 1st tour stop at the Peoria Civic Center is currently still set to happen!

By: Buck Stevens

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