Luke Bryan Wants to Team Up with Blake Shelton for a TV Show

Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton
Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton (Photo credit: YouTube)

Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton have a friendly rivalry, often poking fun at each other. Blake, known for his time on The Voice, and Luke, an American Idol judge, recently traded playful jabs.

They also compete in farming and own rival bars in Nashville. Despite the banter, the two have been friends for well over a decade. The two co-hosted the ACM Awards in 2013, 2014 and 2015. Blake even encouraged Luke to join American Idol.

Now Luke wants to team up with his friend once again for a TV show after the success of Blake’s fun gameshow, Barmageddon. Speaking with People, Blake said that Luke pitched him a spinoff called “Farmageddon.”

“He’s got a lot of stupid ideas, but he’s got a lot of ideas,” Blake joked. “He’s constantly trying to come up with what’s next. That’s why he’s been so successful, because he never stops thinking and stuff. Eventually, he hits on something.”

Don’t get your hopes up; as Blake has said, TV is behind him while he focuses on his music career.

Would you watch a TV show with Blake Shelton AND Luke Bryan?

By: Buck Stevens

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