Watch: Kane Brown’s Daughters Meet their Newborn Brother Krewe Allen in Heartwarming Video

Kane Brown holding Krewe Allen with Katelyn Brown, Kingsley Rose and Kodi Jane sitting on a hospital bed 6-8-24
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Kane Brown’s wife, Katelyn, shared a heartwarming video of their daughters meeting their newborn son, Krewe Allen, in the hospital.

The family shared emotional moments as the girls, Kingsley Rose and Kodi Jane interacted with their baby brother for the first time.


How has it already been 2 weeks with our little man? Time flies 🩵 @Kane Brown

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The couple introduced Krewe to the world on social media, continuing their KB initials theme.

Kane Brown flew back home to support his family after Krewe’s birth, and the family is adjusting to life with a newborn, sharing updates and bonding moments on social media.

How did your children react to the birth of their sibling?

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