Watch: Would You Try TikTok Trend “Scrambled Pancakes”?

scrambled pancakes
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There is a trend on TikTok called “scrambled pancakes,” but is it really any good?

You make them the way you would ordinarily, with one exception. When you put the batter in the pan, you stir it all up like you would when you make scrambled eggs.

This is supposed to make cooking it easier. You don’t have to worry about the shape or flipping the pancake without destroying it. However, making sure all the smaller pieces get thoroughly cooked appears to be a new concern to me.

The video posted that went viral ended with the woman saying, “Psych! Do not try this, and it was not good. And whoever told me to try and said it was good … may your toes always find their way to the corners of your table.”

Many people must not have watched the video to the end to find out it was a joke. Some people have posted that it is delicious. Apparently, they are just trying to be trendy and lying or they are better at preparing scrambled pancakes that the woman in the viral video.

By: Buck Stevens

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