Watch: Official ‘Gladiator II’ Trailer

Paramount Pictures has released the trailer for Gladiator II and it has people excited.

The original Gladiator movie starring Russel Crowe, Joaquin Phoenix, Connie Nielsen and directed by Ridley Scott came out in 2000.

Nearly a quarter of a century later we will get the next chapter of the story again directed by Ridley Scott. Connie Nielsen also returns for the second film along with Paul Mescal, Pedro Pascal and Denzel Washington.

The new story is centered around Lucius, Maximus’ lover Lucilla’s son in Gladiator, which follows him after Maximus’ death at the end of the first film.

Yesterday (7/9), Denzel Washington was trending after the release of Gladiator II trailer. That trailer has reached nearly 12 million views in just a single day.

Gladiator II will be released only in theaters November 22nd.

By: Buck Stevens

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